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BNT Legal Website Disclaimer

Welcome to the BNT Legal Website (‘Website‘).  By using the Website, you agree to the terms and conditions set out in this document (‘Terms‘).

BNT Legal is an incorporated legal practice conducted by BNT Legal Pty Ltd under the Legal Profession Act 2008 (WA).

The Terms apply to the whole Website and are not altered by any of the other material on the Website.  If other material on the Website appears to modify or replace the Terms, then that material is incorrect, the information in these Terms shall prevail and you should disregard it. If you find any material that appears to do so, please let us know and we will change it.

If your access to the Website and the content of the Website is illegal or prohibited by laws which apply to you or in your location, then do not access the Website.

If you do not agree with any of the Terms, then please do not access our Website, but contact us directly with any queries you might have.

BNT Legal reserves the right to change the Terms at any time. As soon as BNT Legal does change the Terms, the new Terms will apply and will be available on the Website.

Content on this website is not legal advice

Please note that the Website is only designed to be a source of information about BNT Legal and the sorts of services that BNT legal can provide.  Consequently, while the Website may contain legal material, commentary on legal material, articles and general information, the contents of the Website are strictly for information only and is not nor will it ever amount to legal advice.  The Website does not contain any legal advice and you should not rely on any of the content of the Website.

This Website is not intended to create a solicitor-client relationship between you and BNT Legal and does not do so.  If you wish BNT Legal to provide you with legal advice, or you want to create a solicitor-client relationship between you and BNT Legal, then please contact us either via the Website or through any other of our means.

Anti-spam notice 

The publication of email addresses on BNT Legal’s website is for business communication purposes only and must not be taken as consent to the receipt of unsolicited commercial electronic messages that are not directly related to our business.

Links on our site

The Website may contain hyperlinks to other websites or social media websites (‘Linked Sites‘).

The Linked Sites are run by third parties (ie not BNT Legal) and BNT Legal provides the hyperlinks for convenience or information purposes only.  BNT Legal has no connection with these third parties (unless it is explicitly stated otherwise).

BNT Legal does not endorse, approve, recommend, or prefer the Linked Sites, or any content on the Linked Sites.  BNT Legal makes no warranties or representations as to the Linked Sites, or as to any goods, services or content the Linked Sites may advertise or contain or that it is free from harmful software.

In particular, BNT Legal makes no representation that any content on any Linked Sites does not infringe any intellectual property rights that any other person may have.  By providing a hyperlink to a Linked Site, BNT Legal does not authorise any act of the owner or creator of that Linked Site that may be an infringement of the intellectual property rights of another person.


BNT Legal takes no responsibility for any loss suffered in connection with the Website, or any of the content on the Website. This specifically includes, but is not limited to, loss arising out of:

  • transmission of computer viruses;
  • damage to your computer through accessing the Website;
  • content on the Website being inaccurate;
  • you relying on content on the Website; and
  • provision of your data via the Website.

BNT Legal makes no representations or warranties about the Website or any content on the Website.  BNT Legal excludes all liability arising from you accessing the Website, or content on the Website, to the maximum extent that BNT Legal is permitted to do so by law.

BNT Legal will not under any circumstances be liable for:

  • special damages;
  • indirect damages;
  • incidental damages;
  • consequential damages; or
  • lost profits.

Collection of data

BNT Legal has a Privacy Policy. If you have any queries about how BNT Legal collects data from the Website, or how BNT Legal uses or treats that data, then please read the BNT Legal Privacy Policy available on the Website.

Copyright and intellectual property

The Website, and all content on the Website, is the copyright property of BNT Legal, unless explicitly stated not to be.  The Website and content on the Website are provided only for your personal and non-commercial use.  You may print out a copy of content on the Website for your own use.  You may not, without the written permission of BNT Legal:

  • copy;
  • reproduce;
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  • distribute;
  • transmit; or
  • make available;

the Website or any of the content on the Website.  Additionally, you may not commercialise any content obtained from any part of the Website.  If any of this is unclear, or you are not sure whether a particular act is in allowed under these Terms, please contact us and ask.


Content on this Website may contain the trademarks of ours or of other entities.  BNT Legal does not authorise you to use the trademarks of other entities in any way whatsoever.  BNT Legal does not represent that it has any power to authorise you to do so.

Applicable law

The Terms and the Website are governed by the laws of Western Australia.  In agreeing to the Terms, you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Western Australia.

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